Waterstart for kitesurfing


Before trying the water start with a kite: There are a lot of ways to explain this part but the most important thing to do and what we support as KiteStars is that you should take a lessen and not go try out on your own!

Kitesurfing is not a dangerous sport if you know what you are doing, and when you respect the elements that are given to us. And of course the rest of the watersport community.

We do NOT recommend to try and start learning kitesurfing by yourself!

Take a few lessons at a Kitesurfschool instead.

Before the waterstart:

Before trying the water start practice with the kite and learn how to body drag.

 How to do a Waterstart kitesurfing?

The waterstart, after the bodydrag you want to try to get on your board. 

  1. Make sure you have enough room around you and you are deep enough in the ater, at least knee deep.
  2. Hold the kite steady with one hand right above you, at 12 o’clock.
  3. Lean back in the water with your feet forward. 
  4. Place your board on your feet and hold in right intrnt of you. 
  5. To do the waterstar to the left: steer the kite slowly to the right, 1-2 o’clock with no bar pressure.
  6. Now you can steer the kite with power to the left, while doing this, hold the front of your board out of the water. 
  7. While steering the kite to the right you get the power to do a watersart en stand up your board. If you don’t get enough power, pull the bar towards you. 
  8. Push you front leg out and keep the rear leg bend, and ride down wind. 
  9. Now you can ride away while controlling the kite. 

This is the tutorial for the waterstart for kitesurfing. We hope this help you improve your skills and start having fun on the water.  Do you have a good clip of a waterstart? Share your video so we can use it for a how to clip. 

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