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Before the S-bend

before you try the S-bend there are a few skills you need and tricks you need to know.

  1. Powered frontroll
  2. Railey

Also the basics of kitesurfing is necessary. Check it all out in the ultimate guide How to kite surf.

How to do a S-bend

Do you feel comfortable with the railey and some unhooked frontrolls? Then it is time to take it to the next level and try out the S-bend!

  1. make sure you have a comfortable riding speed
  2. put your kite in 45-50 degrees
  3. go a little bit down wind
  4. unhook and edge your board back upwind
  5. load your board and pop off the water when the pull moment is at his strongest moment.
  6. bring your legs high up backwards above your head
  7. right at this point it is time to start your front rotation when your body is horizontal extended
  8. Start your rotation by looking over your back shoulder and bring your complete body into the rotation
  9. stop your rotation while bringing your legs back under your body
  10. push your bar back down towards your chest.
  11. let your legs fall down and bring your board under your body again
  12. make yourself ready for impact and land a little bit downwind 
  13. edge back upwind and improve all these step every time you make a S-Bend!
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