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How to do a Railey

KiteStars Advanced mode

How to do a Railey kitesurfing

Now you probably masterd all the basics in kiting and it is time to start the first real unhooked freestyle move. The railey is still a signature trick for all magazines and your way up the trick stairs. So lets start directly.

  1. Make sure you have a comfortable riding speed
  2. Put your kite in 45-50 degrees
  3. Go a little bit down wind
  4. Unhook and edge your board back upwind
  5. Load your board and pop off the water when the pull moment is at his strongest moment.
  6. Bring your legs high up backwards above your head
  7. Extend your arms and enoy the railey!
  8. Push your bar back down towards your chest.
  9. Let your legs fall down and bring your board under your body again
  10. Make yourself ready for impact and land a little bit downwind
  11. Edge back upwind and improve all these step every time you make a railey!

This move is an essential move to get down in your trick arsenal because it is the base for a lot of unhooked tricks that you will attempt in the future after the railey. The S-bend is one of the next steps to take.

Want more videos?

Check out the Kitestars YouTube channel for more video’s of kitesurf tricks.

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