Railey to blind

The Railey to blind is one of the tricks after the Railey. The trick can be challenging to pull off but great to master.

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How to Railey to blind in video

How to do a Railey to blind:

We highly recommend being consistent in doing a Railey! If you have this trick in the bag, it is time to start your spinning game with the Railey to blind. We have the full explanation and every step that leads up to this incredible moment that brings you very close to your first handle pass.

  1. Get yourself a comfortable riding speed
  2. Keep your kite at a 45-degree angle
  3. Head downwind a bit to unhook the chickenloop.
  4. Unhook and build tension in the lines
  5. Load your board upwind and take that pop for a Railey
  6. Keep your Railey small for easier access to the blind rotation
  7. Hold your head slightly above your bar during the Railey
  8. Bring back the front knee
  9. After the apex of your jump rotate your head in the opposite of your riding direction
  10. Let go of your backhand hand
  11. Your body will follow at this moment
  12. Accelerate your body by tucking in the knees a bit if needed
  13. Bring the bar as close as possible to the hip
  14. Hold your grip tight!
  15. Now land it with your head and body down
  16. Keep riding toeside and bring the bar to the other hand
  17. Now hook back in, while going a bit downwind
  18. This is also a good moment to get back to a normal riding stance
  19. Enjoy! And practice practice practice!!
Railey to blind
Railey kite shifty

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