Powered Frontroll

How to make a powered Frontroll

Lets start with what is the difference between a normal frontroll and a powered frontroll. The normal frontroll is activated by the steering motion of the kite upwards and then the head rotation over the back riding shoulder. Where the powered frontroll is initiated by the power of your pop with the kite on 1 steady place and a explosive flick with your head over your back where the rotation initiation starts with the whole body and not just the head.

Make sure you always practice with your buddies, because it makes it more fun and remember if you can not land it 3 times it isn’t called a trick.

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Semi advanced Kitesurf trick

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Steps for the powered frontroll:

  1. Keep your kite at a 45 degree angle while riding into your trick.
  2. Keep both hands close to the center of the bar (this prevents the kite from going up)
  3. Release your edge a bit down wind
  4. edge hard upwind for the pop
  5. During edging pre-wind your shoulders for the almost backflip your frontroll rotation
  6. Pop with a big pressure in the water because this will determine the trick
  7. Flick your head hard in a diagonal line and slightly rotate your sight over your back shoulder.
  8. now slow your rotation down by opening your body
  9. don’t loose sight of your landing once you spotted it.
  10. Absorb the impact of your landing by bending the knees
  11. untangle your lines
  12. Ride it out like a champ!

What is needed for a powered Frontroll?

You need to be able to have your basic frontroll rotation as a standard trick in your arsenal. The will to make it powered is the only thing that will make it more extreme. A lot of attempts you wont change a lot until you start pre-winding and flicking your body in that backflip. Once you done it only one time you will start to build a more extreme version every time!

Also the basics of kitesurfing is necessary. Check it all out in the complete guide How to kite surf.

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