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Powered Frontroll

Powered front roll

The powered frontroll is a freestyle kitesurf trick for the semi-advanced kitesurfer. This trick is Pop with a vertical rotation forwards or a frontflip. There are two different ways to do a frontroll, powered or freestyle. The powered frontflip is with the kite steady at 45‘ the freeride frontroll is wile jumping with the kite.  More info on the Frontroll Freeride.

Kitesurf skill level

Semi advanced Kitesurf trick

Type: Freestyle

 Previous Trick

Before trying thefront roll you can start mastering the following tricks:

  • Pop
  • Jump
  • Turn

Variations for the front roll

To variate the front roll you can start with the following variations:

  • Front roll with nosegrab
  • Front roll with tailgrab
  • Front roll switch

More Kitesurftricks

Next trick after a front roll

If you masterd the front roll you can start with the follow tricks:

  • Unhooked frontroll
  • Front roll to toeside
  • S-Bend

How to do a frontroll

Lets take the trick step by step:

  1. Get a comfortable riding speed while edging firmly
  2. Keep your kite at 45 degrees and try to hold it there during the whole trick
  3. Release your edge and go a little bit down wind
  4. Start your pop by steering your board hard upwind
  5. Bring the tension in your body and pop your board out of the water.
  6. As soon as the board is off the water, bend your front leg and turn your head and shoulders to your rear shoulder.
  7. Keep your head turning over your rear shoulder and the rest of the body needs to follow.
  8. Bend your knees in the air for a fast rotation.
  9. Keep looking as far as possible over your shoulder, till you spot your landing.
  10. Spot your landing and slow down your rotation by opening your body en stretch your legs
  11. Absorb your landing by bending your knees
  12. Don’t edge directly but try to remain your speed
  13. Rotate the bar back in normal position (turn to the opposite direction you ride)

This is the step by step frontroll. We hope this is useful and get you guys spinning those frontrolls. If you have some tips or tricks you want to share, contact us on: Info@kitestars.com


Tips and tricks for the frontroll

  1. Keep your hands in the middle of the bar
  2. Start in light wind with a big kite. Because bigger kites can’t over steer that easily.
  3. Bend your knees in the air for spinning faster
  4. Stretch your legs in the air to stop rotating.
  5. Fully commit to the trick and turn your head far over your rear shoulder.
  6. Try the Powered Backroll on flat water, so you can control your speed and edge.
  7. Pull the bar after the pop to get a little bit more pull upwards.