Powered Backroll

The Powered Backroll is probably one of the first freestyle tricks that you will attempt, when you got the basic jumps figured out. Now it is time to start spinning! This is the powered backroll or Freestyle backroll for kitesurfing. There is also a freeride backroll. This is probably one of the first tricks that you will attempt when you got the basic jump figured out. Now it is time to start spinning!

We got this trick positioned in the Semi Advanced level. This means you got to have the basics levels down before you are ready to attempt this trick

Kitesurf skill level

Semi-Advanced kitesurfing

How to do a powered Backroll kitesurfing

Lets take the backroll step by step:

  • Get a comfortable riding speed while edging firmly 
  • Keep your kite at 45 degrees and try to hold it there during the whole trick
  • Release your edge and go a little bit down wind
  • Start your backroll by steering your board hard upwind
  • Bring the tension in your body and rotate your head over your front shoulder
  • Pop off the water with your kite board
  • Keep your head turning over your front shoulder and the rest of the body needs to follow.
  • Bend your knees in the air for a fast rotation.
  • Keep looking as far as possible over your shoulder, till you spot your landing. 
  • Spot your landing and slow down your rotation by opening your body en stretch your legs
  • Absorb your landing by bending your knees
  • Don’t edge directly but try to remain your speed
  • Rotate the bar back in normal position (turn to the direction you ride)

This is the step by step guide of how to do a backroll. We hope this is useful and get you guys spinning those backrolls while kite surfing. If you have some tips or tricks you want to share, contact us

Previous Tricks for a Backroll

Before trying the Backroll you can start mastering the following tricks:

  • Pop
  • Jump
  • Turn

Not ready for the backroll jet? No problem, everybody learns at there own pace. Check out the the full guide of How to kitesurf.

Variations backrolls

After landing the Backroll you can start with the following variations:

  • Backroll Switch
  • Backroll nosegrab
  • Backroll Tailgrab

Next trick after backroll

After mastering the backroll you can try expending is by the following tricks:

Backroll Video’s 

Different backroll video’s for you to watch. Do you got a backroll video of your own you want to show, let us know! 

Tips and tricks for the Powered Backroll kitesurfing

  • Keep the Kite steady, so you get the power from the Pop not the kite.
  • Keep your hand in the middle of the bar, next to the powerline to prevent steering the kite.
  • Start in light wind with a big kite. Because bigger kites can’t over steer that easily.
  • Aim to pop on a small wave or ripple in the water.
  • Bend your knees in the air for spinning faster
  • Stretch your legs in the air to stop rotating.
  • Fully commit to the trick and turn your head far over your front shoulder.
  • Try the Powered Backroll on flat water, so you can control your speed and edge.
  • Pull the bar after the pop to get a little bit more pull upwards.

Whats the different between a backroll and frontroll?

The backroll is more of a Backflip on a kiteboard and a frontroll is the frontflip. It is both a vertical rotation and the one is going the backwards position and the other in the frontwards position. Check out the Powered frontroll for kitesurfing.

How to spot the different between backroll and frontroll 

In the backroll you start turning your head over your Front shoulder. While the Frontroll you turn your head over your back shoulder. 

Backroll sunset

Is the backroll with kitesurfing difficult?

The backroll on a kiteboard is not really difficult but needs some practice and most of all full commitment. The first time it can be scary to start turning away from the kite and hanging upside down on a kite. The key is to stay focused and fully commit to the rotation. Than you notice that the roll itself is over before you know it. 

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