Foil calculator kitesurfing

What size of foil kite and foil board do I need?

Foil board with a kite

Foiling is the new hip and happening trend in kitesurfing. How hard is kitefoiling and who can do this? On our page hydrofoil and foil boards you will find the basic information about how this new trend works! This page will guide you through the Foil calculator kitesurfing.

So how does sizing your board work?

This is a great question! Since most of the board is above the water is there a suitable size to begin with? We are floating like a fakir on the wing cutting through the water so we are basically weightless. There are a few variables to consider. Your level of riding is a big variable, but since our page is focussing on the beginners we set that variable on the starter level. So what other things are important?: The waterstart getting your board out of the water initially helps if you have a board with more volume and of course, a kite that can help you with a steady pull in the right wind conditions.


In this foil board chart we count on your weight compared to your level of experience, sidenote if you are an ultimate pro you can even go on a sheet of paper. But for all the levels before that, u can use this chart.

Now you know the board size how about the Kite?

Foil calculator Variables:

In this foil calculator, we count in the wind and the rider’s weight to get the right size of your foil kite. The foil calculator kitesurfing is to use for beginners and advanced kitesurfers.

Foil calculator kitesurfing

Foil kite size chart

This is the kite size chart for when you are kitesurfing with a foil of foil board. The number reads the perfect kite in m2 to use while foiling.

Kite size chart for Hydrofiol boards

New at kitesurfing?

If you are new at kitesurfing we recommend you to look at the Full guide How to kitesurf. Here you find al the tips and trick to start your kitesurf journey.

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