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Learn how to kite surf

how to Kite surfing over waves
How to Kite surf

How to kitesurf of kiteboard

Most people looks like kite surfing and ask them self “how hard can it be to learn this?” Well learning how to kitesurf is not that hard if you know here to begin and have the right information.

We will give all information possible your everyone to learn how to kite surf like a pro!

There will be a few topics to check out:

The kite surf materials

Kite surfing is considers to be an extreme sport and can be dangerous for you and the surrounding if you not try it in a safe way. The kite surf material, and the knowledge how to use them is a very important aspect of staying safe.

Please don’t try learning to kite surf on your own with materials you don’t know enough about.

For kite surfing you need a few essential materials. Every part of gear is important and has more information on its own.

  1. Kite
  2. Kite pomp
  3. Kite bar with line.
  4. Kite surf trapeze or harness
  5. Safety lease
  6. Kite board  

Depending on the weather and substances you can have optional kite equipment such as:

Make sure all the equipment is in order every kite session you head out. Check the gear regularly and replace or repair damaged  parts. The full list and info for Which gear do you need for kite surfing. 

When starting kite surfing at a kite school, all the required kite surf gear will be available for you on the spot.

Hydrofoil kite surfing

How long does it take to learn how to kite surf?

On average it takes up around 12 hours to learn how to kite surf. But the time it takes to learn to kite surf vary a lot from person to person and the conditions while learning. Therefor more accurate will be to say it takes 8 till 16 hours. want to know why it changes and want to know what you can do about it to speed up your kite lessons? check out the full article on: How long does it take to learn to Kite surf

Kite surf school

Learning how to kite surf should always start at a Kite surf school. Like start to drive a car, you should not try to learn to kite surf on your own. This is not safe and you can hard yourself and others.

So learning to kite surf should be done at a kitesurf school, but which one and what do you learn at these kite surf lessons?

Finding the right kite school for you

It is tempting to look at kite schools that are cheapest, but we always recommend to check out the certification of the kite surf schools. the different certifications will tell a bit about the quality of the kite lessons and the quality of the kite surf instructors. for all the tips and tricks on how to find a kite school read more on: Kite schools 

What do you learn at a kite school?

The main reason you visits a kite school is to learn how to kite surf. For a kite school and its instructors is safety and being self-supportive while leaning to kite way more important.

Therefor make sure you follow the instructions in the kite lessons and you instructors will help you in the correct way. At every kite school there is kite gear ready for you to use so don’t worry about that. Want to know how a full kite surf course looks like? check out the Kitesurfing lessons

How many kitesurfing lessons do I need?

It takes roughly 3 full kite surf lessons to learn the basics of kite surfing. Therefore most kite surf school offer kite courses of 2, 3 or 4 days. it is also possible to book private and solo lessons. The kite courses are a bit cheaper and gives you a solid basis for your kite surf career.
Woman Kitesurfing

How much does kite surfing cost?

Learning how to kite surf is not that expensive but still cost around  €120 – €400 depending on the amount of lessons you need and type of lessons you take.  After learning how to kite you can rent kite gear of buy it for yourself. the cost of kite surf materials very a lot between €500 and €5000 for a complete kite surf set. Intressed in the total cost of kite surfing materials? check out out page: What are the cost of kite surf gear

Kids kitesurfing

How old must you be to learn how to kitesurf?

There is no hard age limit for starting to learn how to kite surf. But there are some requirements to start your lessons.

  1. You must know how to swim
  2. You must weigh around 50 kg
  3. Have enough motoric skills the control a kite.

This comes down that the minimal age for learning how to kite surf is around 8 or 9 years. There is no maximum age for you to learn how to kite as long as you are willing to learn, there is the possibility. find your kite school now

The kite surfing basics

The basics of kiteboarding is to learn how the kite and the wind works. controlling the kite is like 70-80% of learning how to kite surf. So kite control must always be on top of the list. While controlling the kite you must also learn how the safety and the kite surf rules works. After you know how to control a kite, know the main kite surf rules, and know what to do to stay safe. Finally you are ready for the kiteboard and you can learn the kite surf water start, the actual part of kitesurfing. The kite surfing basics can be tricky to learn. important tips to learn the kite surfing basics are: 

  • Stay positive
  • Stay calm
  • Learn from kitesurf instructors. 
  • Take your time, and practice a lot. 

Learning how to do kite surf tricks

After learning the basics in kitesurfing most surfers try to jump with the kite, and we totally understand! Jumping, doing tricks and really enjoy the time on the water is part of being a kite surfer and we encourage people to learn and try as many as you can and want. But while trying tricks and jump, stay safe! Not only for yourself but also for people around you. performing jumps or tricks require you to control the situation, so also look around and keep enough distance from other kite surfers and the beach. Want to learn trick? Check out our Kitesurf tricks

Stay positive and have fun kitesurfing

The process of learning how to kite surf takes time to fully master, and the time on the kite and in the water are all training hours to get better. Don’t let focus on the parts of kite surfing that you can’t jet, but enjoy the parts of kite surfing you already know and enjoy every minute on the water while getting better.

Can you teach yourself to kitesurf?

You can’t teach yourself how to kite surf safely. The reason is safety, a kite surf instructor giving kite surf lessons knows the dangers. Beside from stong wind, you need to watch out for other kite surfers, currents, obstacles and mainly your kite surf equipment. So in the end we wont recommend to learn yourself how to kitesurf.



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