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Want to start kitesurfing? You need Kitesurf lessons!

Kitesurf lessons are the beginning of your kite surf career so take them at a good Kite school.

Do not try to learn kite surfing on your own. This can be dangerous for yourself and others! 

But what do you learn at a kite surf lesson, and why do need to follow them? We will break it down for you so you can get ready for some kite surf action!

  1. Kitesurf Gear
  2. Weather conditions 
  3. Kite saftey
  4. Kite control

What do you learn in a kite surf lesson?

The learning of kite surfing is more than get on the board and surf a few meters. The most kite surf schools want to help surfers stay save and self-supporting on the water. 

If you know how to stay safe, know the materials and weather condition, you can start learning kite surfing on your own.

How long does kite surf lessons take? 

Every kite surf school offer different kite lessons, but most schools offer kite surf courses of more days. This is because it roughly takes 8 till 21 hours of kite surfing lessons to learn how to kite surf. Most kitesurfing lessons take 3-5 hours a day. So, on average you can learn how to kite surf in a day or 3. Check for more info about the learning curve: How long does it take to learn to Kite surf? 
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Best kite lessons for you? 

Looking for the Best kite surf lessons? Check at the kite schools with kite lessons near you. 
Kite surf lessons

What to expect in the kite surf course? 

After some kite surf and kite lessons experiences, we can give you a good idea what to expect on your first kite lessons. We will break it down in the different days the most kite surf courses are built up.  
Note: Not all kite school have the same build up for the lessons so the kite courses can be different for one school to another. 

Kite surf lesson day 1

Most kite surf lessons start with a surfing theory. This is the part where you learn about the kite surf materials such as the kites the kite boards and the safety of the material.

Beside the kite gear, you will learn a lot about the wind and weather. The wind window is an important aspect of the kite surf theory. The direction of the wind and the power of the wind will get the most focus. This part will be theory and the use of real kites. Some kiteboarding schools use power kites or trainee kites, you can use on the beach. The real kites, or the Tube kites, will be used in the water only. Learning how to kitesurf will start to control the kite. this will be the priority for the first lessons.

Kite surfing lesson day one:

Goal: Learn to control the kite.
Activities:  Power kiting, Kite control, Body dragging,
Theory:  Kite gear, Weather, safety

Kite surf lesson day 2

Day 2 of the kite surfing lessons will be mainly in the water with the kite. You start where you left on training day 1 and build from there. So, you probably start by some kite control movements and try some body-drags. After the body drag you can start with your kite board for the water start.  This is the hardest part of the kite-surfing lessons, because this is the moment where the power of the kite must pull you on the kite board. In this moment, your stance and balance must be good enough to hold you on the board. After you done this, you must control the kite good enough to keep the kite in the air, with enough speed and power so you can kite away. The part of the water start is where the most practicing is been done and you kitesurf instructor can help you a lot in this process.   

Kite surfing lesson day two:

Goal: Learn the water start with the kiteActivities: Body dragging, water start, Gear upTheory: Kite gear, weather, safety 

Kite surf lesson day 3 (+)

Day three and more will be focusing on you as a surfer and how you can be self-supporting and kite your first meters. Hereby the priority is keeping it save and if it works self-supporting.  After the recap you will try to water start and maybe try your first turns, and maybe your first little jumps.  In the last day of your kitesurfing lessons you will also close your kite course. This will end in a evaluation with your kite surf instructor. He or she will give your feedback on the points where you score good, and where you can improve. And finally, you will close the course with a kite surfing certification. This can be a IKO or VWDS certificate. Check more on the certificated at the kite surf schools. 

Kite surfing lesson day three (+):

Goal: Learn to be safe and self-supporting on the water.
Activities: Water start, Turns, Self-rescue  


Kitesurf lessons near me

Looking for a kitelessons near you? We are collecting all the kite surf schools from over the globe. So you can find the kite school near you. Check out the world map or go the the Kite school locator  

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After your kite surfing lessons 

After your kite surf course, you can still learn a lot about kite surfing. but you got the basics to try it on your own. To try is out yourself, the first think you need is your own Kite surf Gear, or you can rent it at most shops. 

Then you can go our yourself, keep a good eye on the weather conditions, your kite gear and on the safety rules. Have fun start kite surfing and most of all keep safe! 






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