How long does it take to learn Kitesurf?

How long does it take to learn to Kitesurf?

Is roughly takes 8 till 21 hours of kitesurfing lessons to learn the theory and the technique. It takes on other 35+ hours to really get a hang of it and feel comfortably able to start, ride and land your kite on your own.

This is an average and depends on a couple of factors.

  • Experience
  • Weather conditions
  • Consecutive training hours
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Important: We do not recommend trying to learn kite surfing on your own. Always book kitesurfing lessons with a good kiteschool 




Kitesurf Experience

Some experiences help with learning how to kitesurf, but not all.

Some people focus a lot on the board of kitesurfing and think that snowboarding, skateboarding, and wake boarding helps you with kite surfing. This is not completely wrong, but the control of the board is only a small part of kitesurfing itself. The control in the kite bar and understanding the wind is the most important part of kite surfing. Check out How to kitesurf the complete beginners guide for more info.

Wind experience

The experience in controlling the wind will help a bit more. So do you have sailing, flying a kite or understand how the wind an aerodynamics of the wind works this will helps you in your kite surf lessons.

Weather and wind conditions

The weather conditions are very important for kitesurfing. Without wind, no kiting, wrong direction, no kiting, to strong winds again no kiting. The wind conditions matter also in the learning process. With low wind, you can learn the technical part of kitesurfing the best. In the stronger wind you can learn to harness to power of the kite better. Both are important but as you already thing of, the best learning is in the middle to learn both. This is around 20 knots. The kitesurf school where you learn to kitesurf will check regularly if the weather conditions are good for the lessons, so listen to the kite school and kite instructors. you can check out the actual wind and forecast on:

Besides from wind there is also the water conditions. Learning to kitesurf  in a rough sea is very tricky in the beginning. The first lessons on the calm flat water will be a bit easier.

So, the Fastest way to learn to kitesurf is take lessons with a wind around the 20 knots on the flat water. The fastest way is not always the Best way to learn kitesurfing. The light wind experience will help you a lot to really control the kite. Also, the lessons in rough sea will be helpful to go kiting in rough terrain.

Check out the perfect wind guide for all the wind and weather info for kitesurfers

how to Kite surfing over waves

Consecutive kitesurf training hours

Kite surfing takes times and practice. On average 8 till 15 hours to control the kite and learn the basics. Around 35+ hours to ride a kite convertible. Like every sport and activity, the consecutive training hours add up. If you try kite surfing once 1 year for 2 hours, it will take a lot of years to get a hang of it. There for the advice we are giving, try to pan the kitesurfing lessons as close as possible after each other. If the time between lessons is the big you will forget a part of the lesson and most of all the feeling for the kite.

Is kitesurfing easy to learn?

Yes, kite surfing is relatively easy to learn for everyone. With 8-12 hours of lessons you can probably kite surf yourself. The learning process is equal for men, women and kids. and kitesurfing is a sport for everyone of age 10+

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Can i learn kitesurfing on my own?

NO! Maybe you can, but you should not! Kite surfing can be dangerous if you do not understand the wind and the materials. So, you should never try to learn kite surfing yourself.  You can book kite surf lessons at various kite surf schools

Are kitesurf lessons safe?

Yes, there are relatively safe. Kite surfing is considers an extreme sport and think could go wrong. But the kite surf lessons are a safe environment as long as you listens to your kite surf instructor. If you want to know how dangerous kite surfing is, check out the page: how dangerous is kite surfing 

Learn to kitesurf?

So you want to know how to kitesurf? The most important part is controlling the kite. You can practice with a small kite yourself, but for kite surfing you need the proper instructions.

  1. Look for the kite lessons near you.
  2. Book your kite surf lesson at a kite school
  3. Listen to the instructor and enjoy the kite lesson.

Check out the complete guide: Learn how to kitesurf.

Conclusion: How long does it take to learn kitesurfing?

It depends a lot on your learning curve and other factors. But after a lesson or three you can have the basics of kite surfing. For really controlling the kite and ride with ease, you are 32+ hours in the sport. As long as you are having fun trying to kite surf is should not matter how long it takes to learn how to kite surf.

How many hours to learn kitesurfing?

It takes around 8 till 21 hours of kitesurfing lessons to learn how to kitesurf. You learn the theory and the techniques. It takes an other 35+ hours to really get a hang of it and feel comfortably able to start, ride and land your kite on your own.

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