Is kitesurfing dangerous?

How dangerous is kitesurfing?

We from team KiteStars are getting this questions a million times! Maybe you as a kitesurfer yourself, getting this question quite often. So for once and for all we are going to answer this life saving, “super important” question for your mothers, girlfriend, grandparents, little brother or sister. “is kitesurfing dangerous?”

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The most dangerous part in kitesurfing is not knowing your limits! Why do we think it is so dangerous if we haven’t experienced kitesurfing yet? This has everything to do with the start of the sport. In the beginning there where almost no safety features build in the kite systems. These days all the kite brands are developing a lot of safety feature’s. All these feature’s are built to make sure you wont just fly away. And you will be able to abort mission at any chosen moment.

The safety on the kites

What did they change and why does it makes a difference to be so much safer? They changed from NO safety, to a chicken loop attached to a quick release and a extra safety feature with the leash. So just to start with the idea of a non-safe sport is a outdated idea. This dates to before 1990. Now every brand needs to create gear which is tested and followed the minimal rules of certification.

But Team KiteStars tell us about all the terrible accidents we hear about!

Most important here to know; most of the time people go on the water when nature is bringing more then they can handle. On top of that we like to think big and explore our own limits within the limits of nature and that “mom” is not the best combination.

Can we change this? We are glad we can’t! Because this is also what makes kitesurfing so addicting! What we can do is going out often and take small steps in your personal progression. If you don’t go often there is a bigger change that you are taking more risk. This also depends on what kind of a person you are. Because pushing your limits is not for everyone.

How does a part of the safety look like?

Here you can see an example of the quick release with a donkey dick.

What can we expect from this system? This is your way out! If nature is getting the max out of you and your not able to handle it anymore it is time to release everything and smile and wave to your kite when it fly’s away.

Is this a bad thing? No this system allows you to be seperated from your kite in under 2 seconds if you trained yourself to do so. If there is a dangerous situation coming up where you need to release do it! Your a kook if you don’t use this system.

The more experienced rider you are the better you can anticipate on these moment and the better you can instant asses if you need to release.

This goes in 2 steps. First step is your quick release second your leash.

Quick release

What other possibilities are there to remain safe?

It is easy to stay safe if you follow the following steps:

Kite helm saftey
Impact vest kite safety

Ohw no i don’t have a buddy for the upcoming kitesession.

What to do now? going alone?


We are building a community for you! in the future we get you connected with other riders from your level.

In the coming period you can subscribe here. For now don’t go out alone and wait for the next possibility when you have support!

Learn to kitesurf

Are you new at the kitesurf sport and want to learn how to kite? Check our special page: Learn how to kitesurf for beginners.

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