Kevs Kiteschool

What makes Kevs Kiteschool a good choice: This is your small, local but mobile kiteschool. You will have an easy, one on one contact with the owner of this school. This will mean fast responding time and highly motivated instructors!

5 Star rating by KiteStars

Location Kevs kiteschool:

  • Country: Netherlands
  • Kitespot: Kijkduin
  • Shop: Unknow
  • Parking Free
  • Horeca Unknow
  • Hotel: Unknow

Facilities Kevs Kiteschool:

  • Certification: IKO
  • Dressingroom: No
  • Lockers: No
  • Showers: No
  • Warm water:
  • Languages: English, Dutch

A list of reasons to go here!

  • Free parking the spot
  • Good atmosphere
  • Flat water spot

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What to expect in a Kitesurflesson

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