Zenith Dakhla

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Kite school: Zenith Dakhla

Nation: Marocco

City: Dakhla

Spot: Dakhla lagoon

Certificate: VDWS

This is the kite school Zentih Dakhla

In the desert there is a oasis which is know under the kitesurfers as Dakhla. It is a spot unlike anything you have seen. There is some magic happening in Dakhla the extreme heat of the desert and the cold waters from the ocean give you the magical conditions of the spot. Because of this it is almost always windy, and of course sunny. Furthermore the lagoon is a very safe spot to go to because you are always supervised and you can’t get blasted off into the ocean. It is the perfect spot for every riding level.

Facilities at Zenith Dakhla

The following facilities are at Zenith for surfers to use:

  • No words really the describes the amazing facilities they have next to the water.
  • Dressing room
  • Showers (hot water)
  • Lockers
  • Shop
  • Restaurant
  • Hotel / accommodation
  • Small perks for going here by plane. Because the prins of Marokko also loves kitesurfing it is quite often allowed to bring your gear without extra cost on the plane
  • If your booking your lessons here you might find yourself booking your entire stay here, it is a good combination!
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