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Do you love the coast of Morocco? Then this school will facilitate everything you want. It is located on 30 seconds from the spot. A fair amount of the time the wind and the sun will provide a blissfull kite experience!

Team KiteStars rates this facility 5 stars for there location and quality IKO certificated instructors. It is so close to the spot and the gear rack is up to date. This means you wont mis a session due to bad gear.

5 Star rating by KiteStars

Location Kite Paradise:

  • Country: Marocco
  • Kitespot: Essaouira
  • Shop: Unknow
  • Parking Unknow
  • Horeca Unknow
  • Hotel: Unknow

Facilities Kite Paradise:

  • Certification: IKO
  • Dressingroom: Yes
  • Lockers: Yes
  • Showers: Yes
  • Warm water: Unknow
  • Languages: English, French

A list of reasons to go here!

  • 30 seconds walk from the spot
  • good atmosphere
  • changing room
  • hot water
  • Storage area
  • Chill out zone
  • No wind? no stress you can surf

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