Kite Centre Zanzibar

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Kite school: Kite Centre Zanzibar

Nation: Tanzania

City: Zanzibar, Paje

Spot: Paje

Certificate: IKO

This is the kite school Kite Centre Zanzibar

This is your mental breeze! Are you looking for a spot that can change your life and learn a extreme sport in the meantime? Then this oasis is yours to go to! White sand bleu water and endless windseasons. And if there is no wind there is the spot itself to enjoy!

Facilities at Kite Centre Zanzibar: 

The following facilities are at Kite Centre Zanzibar for surfers to use:

  • Dressing room
  • Showers (hot water) But you actually want cold water to cool down
  • Lockers
  • Walking into the lagoon
  • Shop
  • Restaurant
  • Hotel / accommodation
  • Total packages stay over and lessons

There are almost no spots like this one. Do you want to combine natures beauty with learning a new sport. Go to Kite Centre Zanzibar.

You will get your lessons from local teachers and international instructors. Quality of the instructors is something they value big time. So they make sure you leave the island with a new skill set!



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