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Do you want to get your lessen booked in? But you don’t know where to find a good kite school? Find your nearby kite school which is approved by KiteStars! We from KiteStars find the quality and safety one of the most important things! Find your approved school here!

Is your kite school not on our map? Fill in this Form to get into the registration process. We will review your application and get in touch with your school. 

What is the reason why we only use approved schools?

We like to offer quality to you! Team KiteStars has been teaching kite lessons for over 10 years, all over the world and sadly enough we have seen it all!

From high quality schools to a big mess! We are trying filter the schools so the only the top kite schools can enter our page, and we will focus on the best schools out there! Here are the most important aspect to look for in a Kite school?

Furthermore, we will add a rating to the school. The higher rating the more correct boxes they tick and the more likely it is you will have the best time!

If you had an experience with a school with a high rating but it was the worst ever? please let us know!

Vice versa the same! You had a BLAST on a low rating school please let us know. This can make a big impact for the school.

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What is needed for a school approval?

What do we ask from a school to get approved? And what further questions could you expect:

When we did a full review, we will create your own dedicated page and a official approved mark on the site, next to our KiteStar rating!

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