Is it your time to start kitesurfing?

Are you looking for a kiteschool? Here is the info for all kite surfers or soon to be kitesurfers.

Team KiteStars highly recommends to get a lesson in first. When you got your certificate you can go out and rent, buy or try it out yourself with your friends. The sport kitesurfing can be dangerous as you can read on our page: How dangerous is kitesurfing. However when executed after learning it, is as dangerous as you make it yourself. Bottomline first your lessons, and then the wild exciting journey starts!

Your place to start your kite journey! Go to a kiteschool!

The different kitesurfing lessons

Most kiteschools offer different kitesurfing lessons but witch one is the best to pick? This is your personal preference. Most kite schools offer private lessons and group lessons. Where the private lessons cost a bit more, but you have personal attention and fulltime control over the kite. And the more you are controlling the kite the faster you will learn this new skill.

Where the group lessons are in a group of 2-4 people where you have to share a kite instructor and a kite. The benefit of the groups lessons is that they are a bit cheaper and you have time to process what is going good and what is going wrong. Especially when you are a visual learner you can also learn from the other people in the group. Read more about the Kitesurfing lessons.

How long does it take to learn kitesurfing?

It roughly takes 8 till 15 hours of kitesurfing lessons to learn the theory and the technique. It takes on other 35+ hours to really get a hang of it, and feel comfortably able to start and ride. Starting and finishing your session with your kitebuddy and feel a bit comfortable.

This is an average and depends on a couple of factors.

  • Experience
  • Weather conditions
  • Consecutive training hours

Check out more on: How long does it takes to learn to kite surf? 

Find your perfect Kite school!

Want to start kite surfing right away? We can understand, but where to look for the perfect kite surf school for you? Google? Possible but might not be your best option. We from Kitestars have built up the connections with the best kite schools there are. Find your perfect kite school here!  Not all the kiteschools that provide kitesurfing lessons are a good place to go to because they lack quality or service. Check our list and be more confident to find what your looking for.

What to look for in a kite school?

Kite surfing is booming, it is one of the fasted growing sport worldwide, and we all know why!

All the new kite surfers need to learn how to kite surf. This can be done at the kitesurfing schools. There is a variety of kitesurfing schools out there, some have a set location with different facilities like dressing rooms, showers and so on. There are also kite schools working from vans and only facilitate in the actual kite surfing gear you need for the kite lessons.

Depending on your preferences about location and facilitates there are a few things to keep in mind while selecting the kite school you want to attend.

The main point to look for is the quality of the kite school, this can be done by reviews but there are also kitesurf licenses. These licenses are available for the schools, instructors and for the students.

This Kite surf license is like a driver’s license that can determent if you have a certain kitesurf level or not.  this kite licenses also gives you most of the times the opportunity to rent kite surf equipment worldwide

There are different organizations that have recognition worldwide and can get a kiteschool certified:

  • IKO
  • VWDS
  • Local organizations

Types of kite surf schools

International Kiteboarding Organization – IKO
Is the only organization that is dedicated to kite surfing. They offer courses for kite instructors and for kite school. This way a surfschool or an instructor can be Certified to give high quality kite lessons. more about IKO on:

This is the German water sports association and focus on all water sports such as windsurfing, SUP and kite surfing. They offer the almost the same opportunities as IKO. More on:

Local organizations
IKO and VWDS are the biggest organizations and best known worldwide. Beside from that there are also local organizations that offers kitesurfing certifications.

Kite surf kites

Learn to kitesurf! Yes do it!

Learning how to kite surf takes some time and effort. But it is a powerful feeling when you hold a kite, and the force of the wind can pull you forwards while body dragging or during a water start. Getting your first or second kite lesson will give you a good feeling on what and how kite surfing is. Give it a try at a kiteschool, and soon you are hooked as well!

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