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The best kitesurf movies

Take time and watch hours of kitesurfing movies, here at KiteStars. Our hand made selection of the best kitesurf movies will hook you for hours. And most of all it is totally free to check the best kitesurf films. Do you think we are still missing some kiteboaring action? please let us know.

Kitesurf movie: Hidden Lines

The kitesurfing movie: Hidden lines is about 3 pro riders Youri Zoon, Kevin Langeree and Nick Jacobson. The three friends are travelling around the world looking for the best kite spots. The film is from 2012 and is one of the best kitesurfing movies out there, enjoy the 3 part film here.

Kiteboarding movie: Chapter One

Chapter One is a masterpiece and one of the best kitesurf movies out there. The movie is made by Redbull. A lot of pro riders are showing their passion of the sport on the most beautiful locations. Especially all the 4k slomo captures of the tricks make this one of the technically kitesurfing movies out there. You can view to hole movie: Here

Kite surfing movie: LINKED

LINKED is a kiteboarding movie from F-One, showing a lot of kitesurfing action for different pro F-One riders. The movie is made by a kitebrand it is a divers movie with a lot of action and variety. watch the free kite movie here.

Aaron Hadlow TWENTY

Aaron Hadlow TWENTY is the kitesurf movie from and by Aaron Hadlow. Showing all different action for the legendary pro rider. Aaron made the ktiesurf sport as it is, in the kite movie you can show what he did for the kitesport. You can watch the free kiteboarding movie here:

King of the Air 2020 Recap

The King of the Air 20202 recap will show you the last hour of the Big air competition: King of the air. you can view the competition from the semi-finals for free. Want more king of the air action? keep an eye out on The king of the air for news and updates on the upcoming events. for now watch end enjoy the kitemovie King of the air 2020 for free.

Follow the Wind

Follow the wind is a kitesurfing movie about Jerrie van de Kop on a journey to follow the wind all the way to the Kilimanjaro. A kite film about kitesurfing, land boarding and snowkiting. A kite surfing movie with a message and worth to watch. You can watch is fro free here.

UPWIND – Launch of a Sport

A documentary about the competition for kitesurfing. The kiteboard movie has icon shots form beginning of the sport. No HD, 4k or great slomo but a must for all kite surfers who want to know a bit more of the history of kitesurfing. Beside the movie we also have more in depth info about the history of kitesurfing. For now watch the free kite surfing movie UPWIND here:

Fly me to the Moon

Fly me to the moon is a short kite film starring Nick Jacobsen. In the kite movie from 2015 he want to go as possible and that why its called: fly to the moon. The kite boarding movie can be watched for free here:

Mitu Monteiro Kitesurfing: Unstoppable

The pro rider Mitu Monteiro is a wave rider from Cape Verdean. The kite movie is about him surfing attempts to cross the 12 volcanic islands of his native archipelago completely solo. A Great kitesurfing movie about the waves and distances. Wat the Kite film for free here:

The best kitesurf movies

The list for ktiesurfing movies out there to watch is huge. For us the must watches are:

  • Hidden Lines
  • Chapter One
  • Aaron Hadlow TWENTY
  • King of the Air 2020 Recap
  • Follow the Wind
  • UPWIND – Launch of a Sport
  • Fly me to the moon
  • Unstoppable

More Kitesufing movies?

Do you know more great kitesurf movies? Please let us know!

The making of the best kitesurf movies
The making of the kitesurf movies

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