5 Things You Must Know Before Trying Kite Surfing

Kite surfing is a great way to spend time in the ocean while enjoying the wind and waves. The sport combines elements of surfing and sailing, and requires balance, coordination, and strength. This you must know before trying to kite.

The Basics of Kite Surfing

To start kiting, you need kitesurf gear; a kite, kite board, a harness, and a leash. A kite board is similar to a surfboard, except it has a smaller surface area. It also has a fin at both ends, so it will ride up and down with the wind instead of just moving across the water.

Kitesurf equipment

There are two main pieces of equipment required to kite surf: a kite and a surfboard. A kite is used to generate power and propel the rider across the surface of the water. Surfboards are used to ride the water and the waves.

different kiteboards
Kite Gear

Safety First

Kitesurfers wear a harness that holds them securely to the kite. They also could use a leash to connect themselves to the board. If you fall off the board, the leash keeps you connected to the board. When wearing a board leash a helm and impact vest is advised as well.

Where to Go

If you’re interested in learning how to kite surf, there are several places where you can find out more. First, check with local schools, colleges, and universities to see if they offer classes. Many community centers also offer lessons. Second, Check out the different kiteschools at our page. Third, ask friends who have been kiting for advice. Finally, read books written by people who have learned how to kite surf, or watch some awsome kitesurf movies.

Getting started

There are two main ways to kite surf: Stand up and ride waves, or sit down and use a board to catch waves. Both methods require some practice before you can master them.

Learn more about kitesurfing?

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