Which gear do you need for kitesurfing?

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It is always a exciting period but so overwhelming. You did your first meters on the board and you are super stoked to get your first own kitesurf equipment!

Where do you start this journey? Do you buy second handed yes or no? We made you a simple checklist to follow

What do i need to get started?

Which Kitesurf kite?

What kind of kitesurfing kites are there? and how can i progress the most?  Not every kite is suitable for every riding level or riding style. The difference in the design will determine which kite is most suitable for you.

Which kite should i choose page we have the answers! We will dive into this big question.

Type of Kites as surfgear
different kiteboards

What kind of board?

The variety of boards also depends on your style and discipline. But for starters we recommend to go with a regulair twin tip. Check the page of Kiteboards to go into this question

How to choose your kiteboard

The Bar

Finally something that isn’t to complicated. Although the current brands are trying to separate the selling process in pieces. Are we happy with that? No we aren’t. However with the bar you just want it fit  your kite. And we speak out of years of experience that if it doesn’t really match up. it will downgrade fun with a massive factor.

Check the Kite bar page for a more indept story. 

Kitesurf bar

Wetsuit for surfing

Lets suit up!

What makes a kite wetsuit a proper kite wetsuit? In witches climate do i need which thickness? a wetsuit is an important pice of your kitesurf equipment.

I saw a guy with a zipper on his chest but now im searching online for a suit and i see all these frontzipps. Is this better or just a trend? Im also doing my scuba diving this summer can i use the same suit?

How do i rinse it? Or don’t i rinse it because it has just been rinsing in the see for a full day.

The wetsuit page with full charts en indept story will be found here.

Kite Trapeze or Harness

How should it fit? And are there more important matters? For us it is very clear? A good Trapeze/ Harness is fitted and snugged around your waist. It should not go over your ribcage when pulled up by the kite. the lower it stays the less pressure points you will find the day after a gnarly session.

The Kite trapeze page with full charts and indept stories will be found here.

Kitesurfing Harness
Kite boots, kitestraps, pads

Kite Straps/ boots

How do i get grip on my board? Footstraps are the most common choice in this part. We do see a slow switch to boots by the more experience riders. Or are you going to join are happy feet group who is bare feet feeling and pressing the board?

Kite straps and boots page


Which length and where do i attach this appendix? Is it really necessary? WE SAY YES WITH NO DOUBT!! We even think you should test your leash before every session you will have.

The leash page will give you the answers!

Kite pomp

You got to pump it up!

How hard should i pump and is there a pump coming along with my kite? Can i use my camping pomp instead?

The kite pomp page will give you an answer to that!

No kite buddies? Stay home!

If you didn’t have the social skills yet to have some friends that will help you out when in need. We highly recommend to stay out of the water, and just make pictures. And slowly acquire the needed friend support.  We will see you and your rescue party on the spot!

The kite community is very social, if you don’t know anyone it is just a matter of time before you are one with the crowd.

Kite friends
Impact vest

Safety Impact / helm

Should i? or shouldn’t i?

My father says no but my mother is saying IF YOU DO NOT WEAR IT YOUR NOT GOING! IT IS WAY TO DANGEROUS?

Well mam, we got you the answer, this page is not just for you as a rider but also for the protecting angels.

The Safety impact/ helm page will give you the answer to all!

Is kitesurfing dangerous?

Kite helm

Buying kitesurfing equipment

Want to buy kitesurf gear? We want to give you a few tips for that. It don’t matter where you buy your kite surf gear but always make sure the gear is safe to use. Especially if you want to buy older models of buy second hand or used gear. If it is second hand, always check for damage or broken parts. Ask the seller if any parts are repaired or replaced so you know the condition the kite gear is in. The complete kite equipment can be expensive. Therefor we track the kite surf deals and sales. For now the Black Friday deals can be very interesting

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