Which Kite should i choose?

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Which Kite should i choose?

The Million Dollar question: Which kite do you need? 

Can i choose? YES you can!   Why is there such a big variety? Because there are different designs for different goals or styles.

In a rough summary we can spread out the difference in 4 types. Note this is not all! We might work it out even further since the kite industry constantly keeps evolving. So will we! 

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Bow / SLE

Basic characteristics:

  • Round shape when looked at the leading edge.
  • Easy relaunch
  • Loads of bridle attachment points spread out over the kite
  • Good downwind draft
  • Slow turns
  • Unreliable unhooked performance, high change of uncontrolled overpowered unhooked action.
  • Good hangtime but big forward jumper.

C- Shape

Basic characteristics:

  • Flat shape when looked at the leading edge.
  • Hard relaunch
  • No bridles, direct feeling on the kite
  • No downwind draft
  • Super fast turns
  • Smooth unhooked, steady pull
  •  Fast explosive jump straight up
  • Fast explosive decent you need some skills
  • Steady bar pressure while riding

Hybride / Delta

Basic characteristics:

  • In between shape, not a C and not a bow.
  • Easy relaunch
  • Bridle attachments
  • Some downwind draft
  • relative fast turns
  • Some oke unhooked conditions  
  • Big depower range
  • Big hangtime
  • Nice smooth jump curve
  • Slow decent after a jump


Basic characteristics:

  • Filled with wind chambers
  • Light wind range is massive! You can go on every breeze
  • relaunches like a puingin 
  • Bridle mania every corner a bridle
  • Slow steady kite
  • Slow steering
  • Big de-power range
  • Unpredictable in gusts
  • Big hangtime
  • Not to high in your jump but your up there for ages
  • unhooked: rather not 

But that is still a lot to consider, how do i make a choice here? And which brand is the best? 

The most important thing here is that you are going to listen to your own personality. Do i like to take any risk? Do i expect a fast relaunch of my kite. In which conditions am i going to kite the most? etc etc etc.

We simply can not answer all your questions but if you send us a question request via info@kitestars.com we might update your question here. 

For now if you are a beginner we from test team KiteStars recommend to choose between a Bow/SLE shape or a Hybride/ Delta kite. Do you know you are a quick learner, then search a bit more in the direction of the hybrid shape. This because you will have the longest learning curve on one kite.

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Current Kite Brands in random order:

  • Cabrinha 
  • Slingshot
  • Naish
  • North kiteboarding
  • Duotone
  • Core
  •  Ozone
  • PeterLynn
  • Harlem kiteboarding
  • Ocean Rodeo
  • Reedin
  • Ten Kiteboarding
  • Is your brand not here? email us at: info@kitestars.com