Which Kite should i choose?

The Million Dollar question: Which kite do you need?

Can i choose? YES you can!   Why is there such a big variety? Because there are different designs for different goals or styles.

In a rough summary we can spread out the difference in 4 types. Note this is not all! We might work it out even further since the kite industry constantly keeps evolving. So will we!

Kite surf kites

Bow / SLE

Basic characteristics:

  • Round shape when looked at the leading edge.
  • Easy relaunch
  • Loads of bridle attachment points spread out over the kite
  • Good downwind draft
  • Slow turns
  • Unreliable unhooked performance, high change of uncontrolled overpowered unhooked action.
  • Good hangtime but big forward jumper.

C- Shape

Basic characteristics:

  • Flat shape when looked at the leading edge.
  • Hard relaunch
  • No bridles, direct feeling on the kite
  • No downwind draft
  • Super fast turns
  • Smooth unhooked, steady pull
  •  Fast explosive jump straight up
  • Fast explosive decent you need some skills
  • Steady bar pressure while riding

Hybride / Delta

Basic characteristics:

  • In between shape, not a C and not a bow.
  • Easy relaunch
  • Bridle attachments
  • Some downwind draft
  • relative fast turns
  • Some oke unhooked conditions
  • Big depower range
  • Big hangtime
  • Nice smooth jump curve
  • Slow decent after a jump


Basic characteristics:

  • Filled with wind chambers
  • Light wind range is massive! You can go on every breeze
  • relaunches like a puingin
  • Bridle mania every corner a bridle
  • Slow steady kite
  • Slow steering
  • Big de-power range
  • Unpredictable in gusts
  • Big hangtime
  • Not to high in your jump but your up there for ages
  • unhooked: rather not

Kites in the air

But that is still a lot to consider, how do i make a choice here? And which brand is the best?

The most important thing here is that you are going to listen to your own personality. Do i like to take any risk? Do i expect a fast relaunch of my kite. In which conditions am i going to kite the most? etc etc etc.

We simply can not answer all your questions but if you send us a question request in the mail or Facebook we might update your question here.

For now if you are a beginner we from test team KiteStars recommend to choose between a Bow/SLE shape or a Hybride/ Delta kite. Do you know you are a quick learner, then search a bit more in the direction of the hybrid shape. This because you will have the longest learning curve on one kite.

Beside the shape of the kite, the size of the kite and the kitebar plays also a roll in the complete set up. Also check out the Perfect Wind guide to know how to read wind propperly.

Woman Kitesurfing

The kite conclusion

Which kite should i choose? There is no one size fit for all. Everyone wants something different in kitesurfing and there are different kites to cover the needs. So testing and learning is the only way to find the perfect kite for you!

Current Kite Brands in random order:

  • Cabrinha
  • Slingshot
  • Naish
  • North kiteboarding
  • Duotone
  • Core
  •  Ozone
  • PeterLynn
  • Harlem kiteboarding
  • Ocean Rodeo
  • Reedin
  • Ten Kiteboarding
  • Is your brand not here? Let us know
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