What thickness of wetsuit do i need

Different Wetsuits types

For most surfer the question rises: “what thickness of wetsuit do i need?”

For the best fit of the thickness you need a wetsuit that is warm enough in the water you want to go surfing in. The thickness of a wetsuit gives an idea how warm a wetsuit is, but there are other components. 

Beside from thickness there are other things important in a wetsuit, this is all How to find your perfect wetsuit

what thickness of wetsuit do i need?

Sea tempurtureNeopreen
°C°FThicknessWetsuit type
< 6°< 43°6 mm6/5/4
48°5 mm5/4 5/3
12°54°4 mm5/3 4/3
15°59°3 mm3/2
19°66°2 mm2/1
22°72°1 mm or non1/1 or boardshirt
What thickness of wetsuit do i need

What is the sea temperature?

You can see the actual sea temperature on the different spots here.
If the water is cold, you need a warmer/thicker wetsuit. If the sea is warmer than 20° C You can go surfing with a very thin wetsuit or with no wetsuit at all. Remember a wetsuit does more than keeps you warm, it also gives protection from the sun and keeps you a float.

How do I know my wetsuit thickness?

Every brand and type of wetsuit has his own thickness. This is easily checked and most of the time its on the sleeve of the suit itself. Sometimes  on the outside, sometimes on the inside of the sleeve. Is can also be places in the neck of the wetsuit, like in your t-shirt. There will be something like: 3/2 of 5/3

Warmer wetsuits

The thickness is a good indicator of the warmth of the wetsuit. beside from that is the fit of the wetsuit a factor. The closer the fit, the less cold water enters and the warmer the wetsuit feels. 

Wetsuit Seams

The seals of the wetsuit matter as well. The seals can be patched, glued or patched and glued. A seal that is Glued feels warmer because there is less water entering.  But only Glue is fragile so many brand patch and glue the seals of the wetsuit. 

What does 5/3 mean?

This means that the wetsuit is 5 mm thick on the torso (chest and back) and 3 mm thick on the limbs (arms and legs).

Winter of summer wetsuit

A 5/3 wetsuit is considers to be a Winter wetsuit for surfers. a 3/2 is considers to be a summer wetsuit.

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