What is the price of kite gear

Some people think kite surfing is an expense sport, but what is the price of kite gear? We tried to explain how much kitesurfing equipment cost.  

For this budget plan we mainly looked at different prices form brand and kitesurfing equipment new in store. Used and secondhand kite gear can be (much) cheaper but there is no telling what the quality of the gear is.

A quick overview of the cost of a kite surf set:

  • Kite        € 700 – € 2.300
  • Kite bar      € 150 –  € 500
  • Kite board € 300 – € 1.300
  • Harness     € 100 – € 350
  • Kite pump € 20 € 60
  • Wetsuit      € 50 – € 550

Making the cost of a total kite set from €1.350,- till € 4.960,-

These prices are in a prices ranges because is depend on size, thickness, brand and some other factors feather described below. 

Check out all what kite surfing gear you need to head out.   

Kites in the air
Kite surf gear prices
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Kite surf kites

How much do kites cost?

The kites are the most expensive parts of your kite equipment. The cost of the kites very a lot, from € 700,- to € 1900,- for a kite. This main reasons for this price range are:

  1. Size of the kites
  2. Brand of the kite
  3. Year of the kite

1. Price of kites and the size.

The bigger the kite, the more fabric is needed to produce the kites, so smaller kites are cheaper than their bigger brothers. Want to know what size kite you need? Check out: What size kite do I need. The smaller kites, 4-7 square meters can differ in a price range of €700 – €1000 while a 12m kite start around € 1100, -. Therefore, the kite set up are the biggest part of your cost for a full kite surf set.

2. Expensive and cheap kite brand.

The different brand of kites also differs in pricing just like any other products do. The main reason for the difference is the overhead cost like, development, marketing, support, and PR like team riders and test events. The distribution chain can also influence the prices of the kites. Some brand only delivers kites to consumers, other deliver to shops, kite dealers. This will boost the price.

3. The year of the kite

Depending on the season the kite came to sale will set the price. The older the kite, the cheaper. This is because most people want the newest model and kite shops do not want to hold on to the old stock. Therefor almost every year whit the introduction of the newer models, the older models will be sold with a discount. The launch of the new kite models is around October.

Looking for a cheap kite?

Look for the smaller sizes, on the cheaper kite brands and look for the older models. Also keep an eye on the kitesurf sales from all the shops.  

different kiteboards

How much does a kitesurfing board cost?

The kitesurfing board is the second most expensive part of the kite equipment and can range from €300,- to more than €2000,-

The main reasons for the wide price range on kitesurfing boards are:

  1. Type of kite board
  2. Brand of kite board
  3. Material of the kiteboard

1. Type of kite board

There are 3 type of kiteboards with there own price range. The one to start with is a Twin-tip and the cost here fore are between €300 and €1200. These are the cheapest boards. Where a cheap board for 300 is a good kite board to start with and the more advance boards for Big air and Freestyle can cost a lot more.

The second kiteboard is the directional. Not the ideal beginners board and more for freeride and wave kite surfing. The Costs for a directional kiteboards are between €350 and €1200.

The last kiteboard is more for the advanced freeride kite surfers and are the Hydrofoil boards. These are the most expensive kite boards out there. The start around €800 and can go up to €3000.

Learn more about the type of kiteboards 

2. Brand of kitesurfing board

This is the same for kite brand, the different brands can very a lot in cost of kite equipment. The main reason for the difference is the overhead cost like, development, marketing, support, and PR like team riders and test events. The distribution chain can also influence the prices of the kites. Some brand only delivers kites to consumers, other deliver to shops, kite dealers. This will boost the price of a kitesurfing board.

3. Bindings and straps

On other think that can very a lot in price for your kiteboard are the straps and bindings on the board. The most common and the cheapest are the straps, the basics can be very cheap but the straps with good suspension and  comfort can cost a lot more. The kite boots are the most expensive same for wakeboarding these boots can be up to € 500,-. For a kite surf beginner the straps are the way to go. More on bindings and straps 

Kitesurf bar

How much does a Kite bar Cost?

The bar of the kite, an essential part of the kite gear. But what does is cost and why? The kite bar is most of the time between € 150,- and € 500,-. But what makes the kite bar so expansive and what about the price different we will explain.

First of all, a kite bar is more than just a stick with some lines attached to it. Most kite bars are perfectly balanced specific to the kite it was designs for. Second the kite bar is whats connecting you the your kite. You want it to be safe and strong enough so it wont break of snap mid jump. So right materials make up a lot of the cost for a bar. The lines are pre-stretched so the lines keep there length even if there is a lot of forced on them. If you don’t have Pre-stretched lines and you pull a kiteloop, there can be a different in line length between left and right. This makes the kite harder to steer. Finally the lines are coating. This makes the lines reduce friction.  This also helps to resisters the elements like water and sand.  Read more about all the Kite bars.

Can you use any bar for any kite? 

No, sadly this is not the case.  There are differences in  4 and 5 lines, and in line length. There are also different in connector points and distance to splitters. So please be aware of using the right bar for the right kite. When in doubt, check the local kite shop or let us know. 

The different in kite bars is not a real marketing scam like phone chargers used to be. But there are brands who are Selling the kites at a lower price so you buy the the kite bar with it. This makes the price of a kite bar useful to compare with the kite. So Check the kite prices, include the bar prices with that so you can see how much it cost to buy a kite with the proper bar. 

4 lijns kitebar
Different Wetsuits types

Want to buy your kitesurfing equipment? 

Want to buy kitesurf gear? We want to give you a few tips for that. It don’t matter where you buy your kite surf gear but always make sure the gear is safe to use. Especially if you want to buy older models or buy second hand or used gear. If it is second hand, always check for damage or broken parts. Ask the seller if any parts are repaired or replaced so you know the condition the kite gear is in. The cost of kitesurfing equipmentcomplete kite equipment can be expensive. The kite surfing cost for gear can be high, so a good deal is always welcome. Therefor we track the kite surf deals and sales. For now the Black Friday deals can be very interesting.

How much does a Wetsuit cost?

The prices of the wetsuit very a lot from from €50,- to € 550,- but what makes one wetsuit 10 times more expensive than the other? There are a few things to keep in mind: 

  1. Length of the wetsuit 
  2. Thickness of the wetsuit
  3. Material / Flexibility 

1. Length of the wetsuit 

The lenght of the wetsuit makes up a lot off the price. Most of the time a full suite is more expensice the a shorty. This is because there is more material needed to make a long wetsuit.

2. Thickness of the wetsuit

The thicker of the wetsuit make the suit warmer and uses more material so this makes the wetsuit more expensive. So do you want to go for a check wetsuit that is thinner or not? Check what thickness you need right here.

3. Meterial and Flexibility

The biggest price gap is coming from the material and flexibility from the suit. There are full wetsuit for under € 100,- and over € 500. This is mainly because of the material itself.

More on: How to find a perfect wetsuit

Cost of kitesurf lessons

Beside from material are the cost of kitesurf lessons also important to know. This is more expanded in the Kitesurfing lessons.

How much does a kitesurf harness cost?

A kite harness is an essential part of your kiteboarding gear, but what does is cost? There are two types of kite harnesses; Waist harness and seat harness. Both have around the same price label. The different from the kite harnesses are more on the fit and the place of the harness. Mast harnesses are around € 100 – € 350. Where we advice to get a kite harness that fits your body and feels good.

Kitesurfing Harness

Conclusion of kitesurfing equipment cost

To know what is the price of kitesurfing equipment you can sport it in three categories: Low range, mid range and high range prices. The average kite surf set new price is between €1.350,- and € 4.660,-. Where the main different in price are: brand and type of equipment. So is kite surfing a cheap sport? Not really. But if you know you can use the kite surfing gear for some years and additional you don’t need much more then it can kite surfing be a cheap hobby for you. The kite surfing cost are the gear and the travel to the spot. Still think kite surfing is to expansive? Try a cheaper hobby 😉 

Hydrofoil kite surfing
kitesurfing today

Learn to kitesurf

Are you new at the kitesurf sport and want to learn how to kite? Check our special page: Learn how to kitesurf for beginners.

How much does kiteboarding gear cost?

A new full kiteboarding gear cost between € 1.350,- and € 4.660,-. It depend from the brands, sizes and type of kitesurfing equipment what the final price if of kitesurf gear. The kitesurf gear can be set in Low meddle and high price tier. This will help you to make the kite choice on your budget.

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