The right kite size

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Is bigger always better?

One of the most asked question: “what size kite must i use?” 
so what is: The right kite size?

This is for people who want to buy a kite, or people how want to kite and have more than one size kite. 

How do I choose the right size kite?

To awser this question we must check a few thinks

  • The Riders weight
  • The wind speed
  • Board you using
  • Style of riding
Kite down on the water leading edge first

The Riders weight

The kite needs enough power to pull the rider forward over the water. So the heavier the rider is, the more power the kite needs. This power comes from the wind x the size of the kite. So in the same wind condition, a haveir person needs a bigger kite than a smaller person.

The kite size and wind speed

Selecting the right size for a kite always comes hand in hand with the wind speed. With low wind you need a big kite, with strong wind you need a smaller kite. Because the wind is never the same everyday you want to kite, the most riders have more than one size kite. So you can pick your size depending on the wind conditions.

The size of the kite is almost always printed on the tip of the kite itself. So if you see kites in the air, you can see what sizes other people are riding. this is a good way to spot what size kite you must go with if you are on the beach. 

Kite surf kites

There is no one-size kite fits all

There are a lot of different kite brands, all produce a lot of different type of kites, and al those kites come in different sizes. So which one to pick?  

First you must pick your type of kite. If you got your brand/type of kite you can look up the windranges of that kite. Every kite has his own wind range, a chart that shows which size kite fits best in what wind speed.

This gives you an idea what size(s) to pick. If you want to ride with a twin tip and jump high, you can have a bigger kite. if you ride a fiol you can pick a smaller kite. 

Example: if you are a 80kg rider who want to ride twintip in almost every condition this are the tips: 

3 kites range: 

  • 7 m for the stormy days
  • 9 m For the medium days
  • 12+ m for the low wind days. 

if three kites is too much you can pick a 8 and 11 m of for only 1 kite setup most likely to go for a 9 or 10 for best possible fit.

Kites in the air

Size kite and line length

The size of the kite and the length of the lines are import to match. basicly the smaller the kite, the shorter the lines, and the bigger the kite the longer the lines.  
but a more indept story is in the kite bar part

The perfect Kite size

For everyone who want to know what is the best size kite for him/her on the weather conditions we gave a perfect speak sheet. This is for riding a twintip and normal line length (20m)

Kite size chart

Kite size chart