Kitesurfing harness

Kitesurfing Harness

The function of a kite harness 

A kite harness or kite trapeze connects you to your kite. It transmit the power of the kite from your arms to your body.  By putting the power on your body your arms don’s have to carry all the power and you last longer and you can steer real relaxt. 

 When you hold your arm relaxt you can feel the kite position way better. 

Different types of kite harasses 

There are two big differnt type of Trapezes: 

  • Waist harnesses
  • Sit harness

Waist harnesses

a waist harnesses is positions around your waist like a belt and is the most common uses of trapeze in kitesurfing.  This because you are more free to rotate and don’t feel limited in your movement. 

Seat harness

A Seat harness is more fixed. You can step in to it and put it on like shorts. There are bands holding the harness in place. This make the trapeze more fixed in place and keep the power of the kite low. This is the reason most kitesurf schools and beginners use this type of harness.  

Seat trapeze

Is a Kitesurfing harness necessary? 

Yes it is! you can’t go kiting without it. There is to much and a constant power in the power, you can’t hold it on your arms all the time, that  is why a harness or trapeze is a essential part of your Kite equipment.

Kids kitesurfing

Can you use a windsurfing harness for kitesurfing?

In short: yes you can! But it is not recommended.  A windsurf harness is not design for the some power as a kite harness. With kiting there is a lot more vertical force on the kite, and the trapeze. Therefore we recommend to buy a kite harness for kite surfing. 

How do you attach a harness to a kite

How do you attach a harness to a kite?

The safety leash should be attached to the back or side of the trapeze. Check if you can reach the safety and if you can use it.

The chicken loop of the bar can be hooked in in the harness and the donkey dick holds it in place. 

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