Kitesurfing kite size chart and size calculator

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Kitesurfing kite size chart and size calculator

Kite size chart

Most kite surfers want to know what size kite is the best fit. So have we developed a kite surfing kite size chart. With the size charts you can check what size kite is the best fit for you in most wind conditions. Beside form the kite chart, we also have a kite size calculator. With the calculator you can put in your own conditions and you get the best size kite for those conditions.

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Main kite size chart

The Kite chart will give you a good view on what size is the best fit for you. In the kite chart you see the square meter of the kite. On the left of the chart, you can find the Riders weight in Kilograms. On the top you can find the wind speed in Knots. If you find your own weight and look at the current wind speed, you can find the perfect kite size for you.

Kite size chart for Twintip
Kite size chart for normal conditions and riding a twintip

The kiteboarding kite size chart is based on normal conditions. This means no currents or big waves, riding a twintip and is for beginners to intermediate riders. The condition can very a lot and so can the kite size vary to your choosing. The main factors that can influence the size of the kite are:

  • Board you are riding
  • Experience of the rider
  • Water conditions
  • Style of riding
  • Type of kite

To see more about picking the right kite size and the various conditions check out: The perfect kite size

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Direction board Kite size chart

Kite size chart for direction boards

With a directional board you need a bit let power from the kite. This is because the board can stay afloat o lot more than a twintip. So, you can go out on the water with a bit less wind

Hydrofoil board kite chart

Kite size chart for hydrofoil board

With a foil or a hydrofoil board you need even less power in the kite than a direction board. The hydrofoil can be very efficient but a little hard to master. learn more about the hydrofoil boards. you can go surfing with very little wind, but make sure your kite does not back stall or drop down in lesser wind.

Hydrofoil kite surfing

Kitesurfing size calculator

Below is the kite size calculator, here your can determine your own rules. Set your own body weight in Kilograms and the wind speed in Knots. the calculator will give you back the best kite size. The kite size is based on normal condition, twin-tip and for beginners/intermediate riders.

FAQ for about kite sizes

What size kite do I need?

The size kite you need depends on you weight, the wind speed, your board, and some other factors. With the size chart and Calculator you can find the right kite size for you. Most kite surfers have more than 1 kite for different conditions. Kite size chart

What is the average size of a kite?

The average size is around 9 to 11 square meters. This is mainly depending on the weight of the rider in combination of the wind speed. So, an average size kite won’t say a lot.

What is the best size for a kite?

If you are going to get 1 kite, we recommended to pick the right kite size for your weight for around 20-22 knots. With this you can experience kite surfing the best.

How do you measure a kite?

The measurement of the surface of a kite is in square meters. You do not need to measure it yourself, it is displayed at the tip of the kite itself.Kitestars kite

What is the best kite size for beginners?

It is all about the ratio of your weight and wind speed. This you can check for the best outcome in the Kite size chart. For beginners it is better to keep the kite sizes small so you are not overpowered and can keep it safe.

Do you got another question about the kite sizes? Please let us know. Ask a question in the comments or at our social channels.

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