Kiteboots or kitepads?

Should i use kiteboots or pads?

Did you always wander, when should i ride with kite boots? I see all the pro riders doing all these tricks in boots. I want to land those tricks to! Such a question, needs a well formed answer. On this page we got you covered with the right answer about when to make that transition in your line of progression!

First of all what is the difference in these types? 

Kite boots, kitestraps, pads, Kiteboots or Kitepads


A footstrap or kiteboardstraps is designed for a snug fit on the front of the feet, but easy release connection between the foot and the board.

It is relatively easy to get in and out. Which on its own is a advantage on getting yourself prepared for a waterstart. And if it goes wrong your out in no time.


Straps like these are designed to move around the board more freely. You can place your feet in when you need a bit of anti tilting pressure on the toes. 

But mainly you walk around the board to find your personal position and do your transitions.


The Boots are designed for a very direct feeling and optimal contact with the board. 

Your fitted in your boot and tightly attached to your board, with any error your not able to kick your board out.

On the flip side it will remain on your feet with whatever explosive trick.  


The most free version of all. You can actually walk around your board with no limitations. if you feel like you need to replace and relocate your feet do so and enjoy it! 

This type suits a surfboard the best!  check out what a surfboard for kiting is on the: How do i choose a kiteboard page?

So when should i go for kite boots? First of all, if your looking for freestyle this is It all comes down to how far is your progression with the freestyle and is your riding style going to be improving on freestyle? 

What we currently see in the professional levels of riding is that no pro athlete can compete with the top without boots.

This is why: because of the direct connection with the board you will be able to feel better where your board is during the pop until the landing. The chance of losing your board due to a high acceleration rotation is almost zero. The increased weight of your board can give you some inertia which can help you rotate faster. The most important thing of all is that the amount of pressure you can  build up in your board before and during the pop is much bigger then with straps.

Why should eve use straps then? This sounds so good i will skip the stap of straps i go boots all the way!

This is a totally wrong plan and actually dangerous! Please don’t do that and always take all the progression steps to achieve greatness.

What are the negative of wearing boots then? First of all when you crash and you get stuck with your board in the water when the body continues, you will crash super hard! Your board will have the function of a anker and will destroy the inside of your body with the force of the impact.

The change of falling this unlucky is the biggest while learning the to blind tricks and the to wrapped tricks. So basically when your in the beginning phase of freestyle. So makes sure you have the steps in your trick arsenal before you go for boots. 

Check out all you need to know about your kiteboard on the ultimate kiteboard guide.

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