Kite size calculator

This kite size calculators are an indication of the right size kite you can get. Depending on all the variables. You can interpreted the outcome of the kiteboarding calculator as you like but gives you a good idea with size kite you should use.

You learn to kite surf on a twin tip. Most riders out there use a Twin tip with kite boarding. The boards don’t have a lot of volume. Twin tips need a decent amount of power to get started. In the kite calculator below you can find the right kite size to use while riding a twin tip.

Directional kite boards are mainly used for free ride and riding waves. The board have a decent amount of volume to stay afloat. That is why there is a special kite calculator for direction board. The volume in combination with the power of the waves makes is easier to go kitesurfing with a smaller kite, or less wind. In the same wind conditions you cloud kite surf with one size smaller than a twintip. In the kite size calculator you could find the perfect kite size for you.

A hydrofoil board is the new form of kite surfing. Using a board with volume and a wing under neath makes it possible to kite with a foil board with light wind. The kite calculator for hydrofoils gives you the perfect kite size for the conditions you are in.

Actual weather and wind forecast.

To use the kite surf calculator you need to enter the wind. This is needed to get the right kite size. Of you do not know how strong the wind is on your spot you can check is at different weather forecasts:

Kite calculator

The kite calculator is an easy to use tool for every kitesurfer. With the kite calculator you can calculate the size kite you should use in your situation. We are open for feedback, so if you have any tips or tips, please let us know.

Check out the Perfect kite size

There is more than just your weight, board and windspeed for getting the right set-up. Look at the full page of finding your perfect kite size for all the information. here you find also the kite size chart.

The perfect wind guide for kitesurfing

Want to know more about wind and the power, direction and insights for kitesurfers? Check out the perfect wind guide for kitesurfing

Learn to kitesurf

New at the kitesurf sport and want to learn how to kite? Check our page: Learn how to kitesurf for beginners.

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