How do i choose a kiteboard

Choose the type of kiteboard

The board that you choose will be determined by your type of riding.

We got you a few selections. But when you are a beginner we highly recommend to start your first meters on a twin tip. This so all the choices you make afterwards are one transfers.

Twin tip

The basic board which gets you everywhere. From your first waterstart to your 319 trick or your biggest kite loop you can imagine the twin tip gots you covered.

Twintip Kiteboard

The build for this board is made in a way it is easy to go in both directions. Furthermore these reinforced boards are able to absorb a lot of pressure, which you can build up during a pressured pop or a heavy landing.

They are for all levels, from beginner till the highest freestyle or free ride level.

The end discicion is made by the choice of your style. Go in the waves: Directional kiteboard . Go with almost no wind: Foil kiteboard. All other options: Twin Tip.

Which selections can i make next to the twin tip?

Directional board

Pure designed for the combination of wave surfing and kitesurfing experience.

Directional Kiteboard

If you look at the shape, it is exactly like a surfboard. Can i use my regular surfboard instead? 

Yes you can, but it is not wise at all! this because you will imprint your feet into the softness of your surfboard. You will brake it, snap it etc. Really invest in a reinforced directional kiteboard. 

It is relatively easy to ride on a directional due to the big floating capacity. Making a turn on the other hand requires a bit of experience and practice.

Foil board

The hype is this flying carpet. Do you want to go out, when there is no wind? Then this is going the foil board or hydrofoil is the one for you!!

Foil kiteboard

The shape of this looks a bit alien. How do i stablise this thing? Well that is the trick. when you got the basic riding in, and you choose to go on the hydrofiol the practice will begin. 

Biggest advantage is almost zero resistance in the water. Which make you can go out in the water when there is almost no wind. 

*not for beginners

Best kiteboards for beginners

Every starter learns kitesurfing on a twin tip. This is the easiest way to learn how to kite surf both ways. 

The best board for beginners in kitesurfing is a twintip. But there are alot of different types and sizes Twin tips. To  find the perfect board for you it can take some time to find all the information, but most important features for a kiteboard for beginners are: 

  • Type: freeride 
  • Stiffness: medium to soft flex
  • Size: The bigger the easier to get on it  
  • Bindings: pads 
  • Fins: larger fins (4 cm+)  
  • Handle in the middle: Check!

More on the info a kiteboard read the ultimate kiteboard guide.

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