The right wetsuit size for you

right wetsuit size for surfing

Choosing the Right size wetsuit made easy with Kitestars. In this post we will inform you on the sizes of wetsuit and how to choose your perfect size wetsuit so you can head out into the water and enjoy kitesurfing to the fullest.

Wetsuit size chart

Let’s start with the beginning. Wetsuits come in different sizes, just like your normal cloth. To start you need to know your height, and chest/waist measurements. With your measurement you can see the normal size you have in the wetsuit size chart:

Wetsuit sizes chart

Brands usually have a sperate size chart that tells you which size matches your height and weight as well. It’s like having your own personal fitting room online, we have the most common brands wetsuit size charts here for you.

  • Brunotti wetsuit size chart: Here
  • O’Neill Woman Wetut size chart: Here
  • O’Neill Woman Wetut size chart: Here
  • Quiksilver wetsuit size chart: Here

Just like regular cloth, some brand has a bigger fit that others. Therefor every brand had a wetsuit size chart you can check out. 

More about the wetsuit for surfing

Check out the complete guide for surfing wetsuits to see all the components of the wetsuit you need to know. Thinks like the flexibility, thickness and much more. Wanne buy a wetsuit? Also check out the Sales pages.

Other questions about the kitesurf wetsuits:

How do you know if a wetsuit is too small?

To know if a wetsuit is too small for you, you need to check the lenghts of the suit from crotch to neck. This is the part that should be long enough for your body. A wetsuit needs to be a tight fit to keep to water in there but the lenghts of the body should be a good fit.

Should a wetsuit be really tight?

Yes, a wetsuit should be a close tight fit. If a wetsuit has a close fit the wetsuit works the best, this is because a wetsuit needs to close in a small amount of water. That small amount of water can warm up do to your body heat and keeps you warm while surfing. 

What wetsuit size am i

The size of your wetsuit depends on your body length and outline. Knowing your height help to find your wetsuit size in the size charts. The naming of sizes can differ from brand a bit.

What wetsuit size do i need?

You need a size wetsuit thats fits like a glove. A wetsuit must never be to big or too small. For every brand there are wetsuit size charts to see what size wetsuit you need in what brand. On the bottom of the page you can check them out. 

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