5 Trends for Black Friday Kite surf deals 2022

Every year in November it is black Friday and cyber Monday. This is the time to look for Black Friday Kite surf deals in 2022. This year Black Friday is on 25 November and Cyber Monday is on 28 November. But what can you expect on those sales days? what to look for and who to keep track of it all? We give you the Black Friday trends for 2022.

1. Economic downfall and Inflation

Due to post covid environment, the war in Ukraine, and tension in China we are heading towards a downfall of the economy. There is no recension jet since the jobs are still here and we are all working hard. But due to the tensions, the prices of materials and energy are rising. This makes people keep on looking for the best prices. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are great ways to make use of that, so people will look more and more for the best deals.

2. Higher production cost for kite brands

As mentioned the cost of materials and energy is getting higher. This means the production cost of kites, kiteboards, and wetsuits is higher. Brands have made the prices higher for kite gear. The cost of the full kite gear is grown a lot in the last few years. But this is lowering the demand since not all of us can afford a new kite set every year.  This means brands will probably use Black Friday 2022 to significantly lower the prices of kites, kiteboards, and kite gear. Making it a good period for people to look for kite gear.

3. Post-Covid stock for kite brands

During the covid period, not a lot of kites and kiteboards have been sold. There were some kitesurf deals the last year where the sale was pushed but there is still a massive stock of unused kite gear. This year at Black Friday we will see unused kite models from last year or even the year before. So if you want a new kite, but don’t need to be the latest model, this black Friday could be the period for you to shop for kite gear.

Black Friday Kite Surf 2022

4. Getting the best kite surf deals

Most of us know what kind of kite, or brand we want to have. We don’t want the cheapest kite gear, we want the best kitesurf deal there is for us. This means scrolling all kite shops to see what offer is the best. If you are not sure what kite gear you need, check out our info pages about that. After you know what you need or want and you know the regular price the actual black Friday and cyber Monday shopping can begin!

5. Finding the best Black Friday Kite surf deals

But if you know what you want who to keep track of all the sales? You can follow kite shops and look at them all day long, but that is not needed anymore. KiteStars is bundling all the Black Friday kite surf deals for all surfers. Like every year we keep track of the sales for you, so you can pick whatever you like. Don’t want to miss a sale? Make sure you follow us online and you can subscribe to our newsletter so you get the best deals in your mailbox. Start keeping track of all the Kite surf deals in 2022.

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