Kitesurf Event Schedule

Are you searching for the next event in the kitesurf world? With our event schedule, you know what is upcoming and how to participate in this next event! Sit back and enjoy the live stream or compete as an athlete! We will add more dates, events and kitesurf competition when they come in. For now, some events are not yet listed or don’t have a timeframe but all the announced kitesurf events of 2023 are here. So come back often to see if there are any updates about your favorite events!

Freestyle: 14 Nov – 18 Nov 2023

Cauipe Brazil World Cup

Second last Freestyle stop of the year. Get ready to follow this butterflat take-off and landing from all the pro riders! If you love pure freestyle this is your event to watch.

Freestyle: 5 Dec till 9 Dec 2023

Qatar GKA Freestyle Final 2023

All the freestyle action you need! The final of 2023 with all the riders competing for that last possibility to end up on the podium on the freestyle cup 2023!

Big Air: 6 Jan – 15 Feb, 2024

BAKL Cape Town 6 JAN- 15 FEB

in the mother city of nature and Big air kitesurfing! You can enjoy this extreme event live on the beach or live on the stream. Go to the BAKL site and sit back relax and watch! Or strap on your board and compete like a maniac!

Big Air: Expected Period: 25 Nov – 10 Dec 2024

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Red Bull King of the air

This year is the 12th anniversary of Red Bull King of the Air in Cape Town, South Africa. 18 of the world’s best kiteboarders will compete, one will walk away as the winner

Keep an eye out for this massive 12th event of Red Bull

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Kitesurf competitions

There are multiple kitesurfing competitions and kitesurfing championships that you can follow as a fan and compete in yourself. We have the full list of known kitesurfing competitions to track:

  • King of the air (big air kitesurfing)
  • Mega loop challange (extreme Kiteloop event)

Kitesurfing championships:

  • The official kite championship for freestyle GKA Kite world tour. More info
  • The Formula Racing championship: Formula Kite more info
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