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Black Friday Surf deals 2020

KiteStars keeps track of all interesting Black Friday Surf deals for you. We have some special deals and sales coming up, so stay tuned and check the page regularly for updates. Are you a shop or brand and do you have a good Black Friday Sale or deal for us? Let us know Most stores and Brand have their sale for Black Friday till cyber monday. So looking to buy new kite surf gear, check out the sales now.
Black Friday Kite Surf 2020

Black Friday Brand Sales

Every year there are a few kite surf brand that have different Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. is your brand in there? 

Quiksilver Sales

2019 sales where oke, with a easy coupon so looking forward to the deals for 2020: more info

O’Neill  Sale

No info for the O’Neill sales on Black Friday of Cyber Monday  2020 so far

Roxy Sales 

Roxy is early this year with the black friday and cyber monday sales. Only clothes and shoes, No wetsuits or real surf gear so far. more info

We don’t got any Black Friday deals from the following kite brands:  

  • Cabrinha 
  • Slingshot
  • Naish
  • North kiteboarding
  • Duotone
  • Core
  •  Ozone
  • PeterLynn
  • Harlem kiteboarding
  • Ocean Rodeo
  • Reedin
  • Ten Kiteboarding

Stay tuned for updated and the latest sales.

Black Friday sales shops

Most surf shops have different black Friday and Cyber Monday deals and sales. Every year the sales are different and differ from time from time. Here we post the 2020 black Friday deals from the surf shops. 


King of Water Sport deals

Is counting down to Black Friday and have all sorts of kite and surf gear in stock looking forward to the 2020 sale. Info

h20 sports Sale

This English web shops had kites, boards, trapezes, wetsuits and must more in the sale for upcoming Black Friday.  info

Surfers webshop Sales 

This web shop has different Surf accessories in the sale for Black friday 2020 Info


We need you

We want to offer you the best deals possible but are aware that this is difficult to do, so if you have a good suggestion or if a deal don’t work, let us know! We check the web for the best black Friday surf deals but the deasl are changing rappdly so it it a lott of work to keep the sales up to date.   

We would love to hear your feedback so we can keep this the best page for all the Black Friday deals in 2020 for all the surfers and kiters.   

KiteStars Deals 

At KiteStars we want give the right and suitable information for all the riders.  This is mainly about the kite surf schools, surf gear and tricks. But we want you to also give the best process for the materials you are using. Kitesurfing is an expensive sport and we are all looking for the cheapest but the best products. Therefor the sales like black Friday can be very helpful for all the kite surfers from beginners to expert to get your kite surf gear in order.

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