Red Bull Megaloop

The megaloop challenge or the Red Bull Megaloop contest is an annual event held in Zaandvoort, the Netherlands. The kitesurfing contest is for the biggest and badass kiteloops out there. When the weather is “good” the event will be taken place. For the biggest loops, you need enough wind, so Good weather is with winds over 35 knots. If the 35+knots marker will be hit, 16 of the world’s best kiteboarders will be contesting to show off their biggest megaloops. in 2020 the megaloop was canceled due to covid but in 2021 the 16 riders are ready. Now there is nothing left to wait for the perfect wind conditions. red Bull Megaloop is one of the most extreme Kitesurfing competitions out there.

When: 1 juli – 1 november 2021

Where: The Spot, Zandvoort, Netherlands.

Juying Scoring: 60% Extremity 40% Execution

Host: Red Bull

Who will ride in the Megaloop 2021?

Every year the riders must perform on there best to be joining the kiteboarding competition. Only the best riders are participating to the event. Because last year was canceled, the riders from 2020 will be participating as well. The full riders list:

  1. Ross-Dillon Player  (winner megaloop 2019)
  2. Lasse Walker
  3. Liam Whaley
  4. Nick Jacobsen
  5. Louk Timmer
  6. Kevin Langeree
  7. Joshua Emanuel
  8. Jesse Richman
  9. Ruben Lenten
  10. Aaron Hadlow
  11. Oswald Smith
  12. Steven Akkersdijk
  13. Janek Grzegorzewski
  14. Stig Hoefnagel
  15. Maarten Haeger
  16. Ewan Jaspan

Rules of the kitesurf event

Red Bull Megaloop is all about going high and going big. The event will be only start if the wind is more than 35+ knots of wind. The judges are looking for height and power, or Extremity, and counts for 60% of the score. The other 40% is for the Execution of the tricks. Here judges will be looking for: Tricks, angel, style and landing. This will be the score for the riders.

The riders will battle in three rounds of different heats. After the heats they head into the simi-finals, and lastly the final off the event. Here is the total competition ladder:

Red bull Megaloop

Red bull megaloop 2019 recap highlights

To get in the mood you can watch the recap of the Red bull megaloop 2019 now.