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The right kite size

Is bigger always better? One of the most asked question: “what size kite must i use?”  so what is: The right kite size? This is for people who want to buy a kite, or people how want to kite and have more than one size kite.  How do I choose the right size kite? To…
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Which kite bar do i need for kitesurfing?

Which kite bar do i need for my kite?   For every type and brand of kite there is kitebar available. If you buy a new kite you can add the best bar that kite. You want to start at selecting the kite you want and want a bar that fits the kite. More about information…
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Which Kite should i choose?

The Million Dollar question: Which kite do you need?  Can i choose? YES you can!   Why is there such a big variety? Because there are different designs for different goals or styles. In a rough summary we can spread out the difference in 4 types. Note this is not all! We might work it…
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