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Kitesurfing kite size chart and size calculator

Most kite surfers want to know what size kite is the best fit. So have we developed a kite surfing kite size chart. With the size charts you can check what size kite is the best fit for you in most wind conditions. Beside form the kite chart, we also have a kite size calculator.…
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The right kite size

Is bigger always better? One of the most asked question: “what size kite must i use?” so what is: The right kite size? This is for people who want to buy a kite, or people how want to kite and have more than one size kite.  How do I choose the right size kite? To answer…
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Which kite bar do i need for kitesurfing?

Which kite bar do I need for my kite?   For every type and brand of kite there is kitebar available. If you buy a new kite you can add the best bar that kite. You want to start at selecting the kite you want and want a bar that fits the kite. More about information…
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Which Kite should i choose?

The Million Dollar question: Which kite do you need?  Can i choose? YES you can!   Why is there such a big variety? Because there are different designs for different goals or styles. In a rough summary we can spread out the difference in 4 types. Note this is not all! We might work it…
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