Kite Crash

Is kitesurfing dangerous?

How dangerous is kitesurfing? We from team KiteStars are getting this questions a million times! Maybe you as a kitesurfer yourself, getting this question quite often. So for once and for all we are going to answer this life saving, “super important” question for your mothers, girlfriend, grandparents, little brother or sister. “is kitesurfing dangerous?”

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Kite surf gear prices

What is the price of kite gear

Some people think kite surfing is an expense sport, but what is the price of kite gear? We tried to explain how much kite surfing costs.   For this budget plan we mainly looked at different prices form brand and kite equipment new in store. Used and secondhand kite gear can be (much) cheaper but

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Hydrofoil kite surfing

The hydrofoil and foil boards

Best kites for foiling For foiling you can best use a kite with that have enough downwind draft and downwind performance. So you can control the kite with easy in any direction. more on differente kites type. For sizing up the kite, if you come from a twintip, you can get a size smaller. if

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Kite boots, kitestraps, pads

Kiteboots or kitepads?

Should i use kiteboots or pads? Did you always wander, when should i ride with kite boots? I see all the pro riders doing all these tricks in boots. I want to land those tricks to! Such a question, needs a well formed answer. On this page we got you covered with the right answer

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Kitesurfing Harness

Kitesurfing harness

The function of a kite harness  A kite harness or kite trapeze connects you to your kite. It transmit the power of the kite from your arms to your body.  By putting the power on your body your arms don’s have to carry all the power and you last longer and you can steer real

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Kite size chart

The right kite size

The ultimate guide to choose the right kite size! How do I choose the right size kite? To answer this question we must check a few things: The riders weight The wind speed Board you using Style of riding Line length Kite size chart Kite size calculator  Other Conditions The Riders weight The kite needs

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different kiteboards

How do i choose a kiteboard

Choose the type of kiteboard The board that you choose will be determined by your type of riding. We got you a few selections. But when you are a beginner we highly recommend to start your first meters on a twin tip. This so all the choices you make afterwards are one transfers. Which selections

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Kite surf kites

Which Kite should i choose?

The Million Dollar question: Which kite do you need?  Can i choose? YES you can!   Why is there such a big variety? Because there are different designs for different goals or styles. In a rough summary we can spread out the difference in 4 types. Note this is not all! We might work it

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