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The perfect Wind guide for kitesurfing

In this wind guide for kitesurfing there isall you need to know for kite surfing, we will cover the following topics: Wind speed Wind directions Wind window Wind and weather forcasts FAQ about wind and kitesurfing Wind Speed for kite surfing The speed of the wind is important for kitesurfing and is measured in different units. To

How to do a pop

This is an essential trick for almost all the tricks you will learn in the future. Because this will form the basis of your trick. You have to load your board with pressure and release it at the right moment.  How to make a pop with kiteboarding:   get yourself a comfortable

Is kitesurfing dangerous?

Kite Crash

How dangerous is kitesurfing? We from team KiteStars are getting this questions a million times! Maybe you as a kitesurfer yourself, getting this question quite often. So for once and for all we are going to answer this life saving, "super important" question for your mothers, girlfriend, grandparents, little brother or

Waterstart for kitesurfing

Kids kitesurfing lessons

Warning Before trying the water start with a kite: There are a lot of ways to explain this part but the most important thing to do and what we support as KiteStars is that you should take a lessen and not go try out on your own! Kitesurfing is not a dangerous

The basics for kitesurfing are important to understand for a kitesurfer.

There are a few thinks to keep in mind

  1. Gear
  2. Weather
  3. Rules