It is time to crash, and no it never stops! Either when you are starting your kitesurfing journey or in massive progression mode. Crashing will be part of this journey! And it never stops! How to cope with this? Just embrace it! and next to embracing also brace your body for impact. There

Kitesurf rules

Kiteboarding is an exciting sport that combines surf and kite techniques. It could also be dangerous, so learn how to stay safe while riding a kiteboard to learn the kitesurf rules. Surf etiquette Just like any surf sport the kitesurf community also follows kite surf etiquette to keep the sport fun for

How hard is kitesurfing

Kitesurfing is an extreme sport that combines windsurfing and surfing. It requires balance, coordination, and strength. The trick is learning how to control your body in the air while riding the kiteboard and waves. Understand Wind Conditions. There are three main wind directions when learning to kitesurf: offshore winds, side shore winds

5 Things You Must Know Before Trying Kite Surfing

launch the kite

Kite surfing is a great way to spend time in the ocean while enjoying the wind and waves. The sport combines elements of surfing and sailing, and requires balance, coordination, and strength. This you must know before trying to kite. The Basics of Kite Surfing To start kiting, you need kitesurf gear;

The perfect Wind guide for kitesurfing

In this wind guide for kitesurfing there is all you need to know for kite surfing, we will cover the following topics: Wind speedAll about Wind directionsThe Wind windowWind and weather forcastsWhat kite to use FAQ about wind and kitesurfing Wind Speed for kite surfing The speed of the wind is important for

Kite size calculator

Kite size chart

This kite size calculators are an indication of the right size kite you can get. Depending on all the variables. You can interpreted the outcome of the kiteboarding calculator as you like but gives you a good idea with size kite you should use. You learn to kite surf on a

Red Bull Megaloop

The megaloop challenge or the Red Bull Megaloop contest is an annual event held in Zaandvoort, the Netherlands. The kitesurfing contest is for the biggest and badass kiteloops out there. When the weather is "good" the event will be taken place. For the biggest loops, you need enough wind,

The best kitesurf movies

Take time and watch hours of kitesurfing movies, here at KiteStars. Our hand made selection of the best kitesurf movies will hook you for hours. And most of all it is totally free to check the best kitesurf films. Do you think we are still missing some kiteboaring action? please

King of the Air

Red Bull King of the Air, the annual big air kiteboarding competition that is driving riders to the limits. Every year Kite Beach in Cap town, South Africa is home to one of the biggest and badass kite surf contest out there; King of the Air (KOTA). In this competition

History of kitesurfing

This page is all about the history of kitesurfing. When was kitesurfing invented and much more questions and info about the sport kitesurfing. From the first kite surfer till today. In the young sport that kite surfing is, a lot is changed. kitesurfing today (Hydrofiol) First kitesurfer When was kitesurfing invented? The first real