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How to do a pop

This is an essential trick for almost all the tricks you will learn in the future because this will form the basis of your trick. You have to load your board with pressure and release it at the right moment. This all to build momentum “body weight VS your kite” By building and training this you will get the possibility to gain a moment of slack in your lines. Some tricks need a little slack some a lot! and some none but this all starts within your pop.

How to make a pop with kiteboarding:  

  1. Get yourself a comfortable riding speed
  2. Edge a little bit downwind
  3. Carve your board back upwind
  4. Press your weight on your board and resist the water and load your board with pressure
  5. Hold the as long as possible while you kick your board up against the wind
  6. Release the pressure and pop up as high or controlled as possible
  7. Practice makes perfect you will recognize that every trick needs a slightly different pop
  8. Practice all variations and go high and tweak this basic around!

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