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About Kitestars

Kitestars is a project for and by kite surfers. After learning a lot about kite surfing it is time to start sharing the info. There is a lot of info about kite surfing, for the beginners and for the pro and star riders. we want to help everybody and can use some help doing so. So check out our platform and help us share the fun of this amazing sport!

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Our Team 

We are kite-surfers with a passion the share mare info about kite surfing for everyone. 

Beside fanatic kite-surfers we are kite surf instructors how learned a lot of people how to kitesurf.  This helps us a lot to also teach people online get better kite surfers.



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You can help us! 

We work on Kitestars with passion and have a great plan for the platform. To get the platform on the level we want we can use all the help we can get. 

Are you a kite surfer, text writer , video editor or influencer who want to help us? Please do! You can  contact us and  promote our story. 

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This could be your advertisement spot! contact us via: info@kitestars.com

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