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Previous Trick Unhooked Frontroll Difficulty level of the trick: Next Trick S-bend to blind How to do a S-bend Do you feel comfortable with the railey and some unhooked frontrolls? Then it is time to take it to the next level and try out the S-bend! make sure you have a comfortable riding speed put…
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How to find your perfect wetsuit! Are you ready to conquer the sea’s of the world?  

Powered Backroll

The Powered Backroll is probably one of the first freestyle tricks that you will attempt, when you got the basic jumps figured out.Now it is time to start spinning! This is the powered backroll or Freestyle backroll. There is also a freeride backroll.  This is probably one of the first tricks that you will attempt…
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Waterstart for kitesurfing

Warning Before trying the water start with a kite: There are a lot of ways to explain this part but the most important thing to do and what we support as KiteStars is that you should take a lessen and not go try out on your own! Kitesurfing is not a dangerous sport if you…
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